A New Co-Living Development in the heart of Makati City called The Flats

It is such a dream for young professionals like me to be able to move out and finally live on your own. But because living on your own can be quite expensive, and working in one of Manila's busiest cities, people just prefer to brave the traffic instead of getting their own space. Thankfully, Ayala Land Inc. opened a new co-living space where young urban professionals can now rest early and skip the heavy traffic and lengthy commutes! This dynamic place will rise in Amorsolo Street in the city that makes it happen - Makati! :)

A Fun, Innovative & Engaging Place to Learn: Greenmeadows Learning Center in Quezon City

I know it can be a bit difficult to choose the right pre school for your kid. As a pre school teacher, aside from the curriculum, the kind of approach the school is using and the facilities, I also consider the warmth and comforting vibe of the environment. I believe that it's just as important because your child will be spending a few hours in this new strange place so he has to feel secured, safe and welcomed in every sense of the word. 💕

Greenmeadows Learning Center is located inside Greenmeadows 1 Village Park and being located in the park, you will definitely appreciate the warm and comfortable atmosphere in this school. There are beautiful plants and trees all over the place and they have a cute play ground that the kids will surely enjoy. 💛💛💛 It is true that children learn more through playing and exploring their environment so it is important to make sure they explore in a safe and secured environment. Being inside a prestigious village, you are rest assured that your child is surrounded with well trained staff and kind hearted individuals. 👍

Here are the different classes:

Infant-Little Tykes Class

  • For children between 9 months old to 1 year and 4 months old

  • The Infant-Little Tykes Class is a one-hour class for infants and toddlers. Theis class will help the students develop and improve their gross motor, fine motor and socio-emotional development through different age appropriate activities.

Juniors’ Class

  • For children between 1.5 years old to 3.0 years old

  • The Reading curriculum for this class is under the Preschool Learning Program of Scholastic.
  • In this class, they use the Singapore Method of learning Math.

Seniors’ Class

  • For children between 4.0 years old to 6.0 years old

  • The Seniors’ Class is a Big School Readiness Class. Although a progressive approach to learning is employed, the children are given tasks similar to what they will be doing in the Big School. Activities for writing, reading and numeracy are given emphasis and focus to prepare each child for the next school year.
  • The Reading curriculum is under the Preschool Learning Program of Scholastic and the Math subject is taught using the Singapore Method of learning math.

Reading Enrichment Classes

For children between 4.0 years old to 5.0 years old

The Reading Enrichment program focuses on the following ‘literacy predictors of success.’ 

  1. Concepts About Print: awareness of the functions, forms, conventions and uses of print and an understanding about words, letters, sentences, paragraphs, punctuation and grammar. 
  2. Rhyme: recognition of rhyme to assist children to develop the ability to break words into smaller parts and recognize the smaller parts in words. 
  3. Phonics: the relationships between letters and sounds is taught and reinforced. If a child has a good knowledge of the sounds of the alphabet it is much easier to learn to read. 
  4. Blending Sounds: building children’s knowledge and understanding about ‘blending’ different sounds together. 
  5. Sight Words: new sight words in all activity books. 
  6. Comprehension: identifying familiar words quickly and automatically and understanding their meaning. 
  7. Handwriting Skills: pencil grip and handwriting script used in schools.

    At the end of the pre-school program children can: recognize sounds, letters and words, spell and begin writing letters and symbols, understand rhythm and rhyme in language, increase their vocabulary and comprehension, understand how to use words to communicate effectively, develop interpersonal skills and self-confidence to learn in small groups, develop listening skills and appropriate ways to participate in conversations with others, develop thinking skills.

Greenmeadows Learning Center is truly a nice pre school in Manila because one of their core values is to put the children first. 💓 They also make sure to have a collaboration and partnership with the parents and they also focus on the excellence and individual progress and development of each child. Their primary goal is to produce independent, creative and of course, confident children who will be ready and aim for success later in life. :)

Feel free to contact or visit Greenmeadows Learning Center. For all inquiries, I have included all their contact numbers below! 💚💛💜

We are located in the Greenmeadows 1, Village Park, Quezon City.Contact number: (02) 631-4898 / 0915-448-8980 / 0919-288-5847

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