TesleWeb: Turn Your Passion + Purpose Into A Profitable Business

A guide for creative & career-driven women on how to find your passion, purpose and turn it into a profitable business that could lead you to financial freedom and security.

I have always dreamed of a life wherein I don't have to wake up early just to get to work, a life wherein I don't have to sit on a desk for 9 hours and be limited to the constraints of an office cubicle. At the age of 16, I knew that wasn't the life for me.

During the time when I started blogging, I wasn't really expecting it to be big or anything. It was just something to do, something I was passionate about. Writing has the biggest influence in my life and I was always looking for a purpose so it felt like hitting two birds with one stone when I started writing my very first blog. After years of learning from my own experiences and learning from mentors and trainers, I am now able to live my life freely, to travel and go places, attend events, focus on side businesses, all while earning from my passion and living my purpose. 

Living a life of passion + purpose (and hard work!) and earning from it is incredibly possible in this day. There's so many marketing channels that we can use like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog Websites and many other places which you can utilize to fully create a profitable business online. So whether you are thinking of starting or growing your business, creating your own blog, working online, gaining profit from an authentic expression of the things you are truly passionate about, and your life's purpose; I will be more than happy to share with you a 2-day online course filled with all the most important key lessons I've learned in the past 4 years on how I was able to turn my passion + purpose into a profitable career and full time job. 💕

The best time to start working on your passion + purpose project and turn it into a profitable business and start earning from it is now. Today is the best day to jump start your life, create a career you love and live your life purposefully (and earn from it too!)

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down someplace comfortable and let's chat!


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